Reward Board .01 BTC Bonus Give Away


🍀🍀 Reward Board .01 BTC Bounty 🍀🍀

What its About
We are going to give away .01 BTC to several people when the Reward Board queue moves 1000 spots. The countdown starts officially today. 

How does it Work
All you have to do is help in getting the good word out about the Reward Board. As more people play the more the queue will move. 

How long is this Bounty Give Away
As long as people are invested in the queue we will keep this offer open to all who play the Reward Board.
Every 1000 queue positions moved, A bounty drawing will be held. 

Do I have to contribute .01 BTC to be a part of the Give-Away
No, you do not have to be a major contributor. Simply register to play the Reward Board by clicking any of the contributor referral links below. 

How does this Bounty Give-Away benefit you
By playing the Reward Board and actively promoting it, you have several ways to win while waiting for the queue to move 1000 spots. Here is how you can earn while waiting. 
1. Lucky Seat – can happen at anytime Instant win 4x Payout
2. Referral Bonus – Promote the Reward board and receive 10% for every seat you sell. 
3. Get pushed out of the queue – the more people that play the more people that will win. 

“Remember for every 6 seats sold 1 person will always win.”


Connect with our Telegram Community


This Blog post I wrote shares what the Reward Board is.

Current Queue position is based on user bunga.
When this position hits 44 we will have the Drawing.
(last update 2/3/2018)

Current Bounty

.06 BTC

Available Winnings

Bounty Contributors

If you would like to Donate .01 BTC to the bounty giveaway please join our Telegram community and connect with me, bunga.
It is voluntary but for those who are invested in the Queue, it is a great way to get it moving. The more bounty the more possible winners.